Chilled Watercress & Potato Soup with Dill {gf+v}

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Chilled Watercress Potato Soup with Dill-8650

I am bringing you chilled watercress and potato soup today for a few reasons, but the most important reason is that it is 109 degrees F outside today.  Yes, you are reading that correctly, 109.  I knew that incredibly hot weather is what I signed myself up for when I moved to Tucson, but after a winter of near perfect weather, this heat wave is a little bit of a shock to my system.


 That being said, from now until fall arrives, I will only be posting recipes for salads, cold soups, and popsicles.  Just kidding!  But that is really all I want to stick my face into these days, aside from the freezer.  I made this soup a few days after I made my Grilled Asparagus & Corn Potato Salad and I had a bunch of dill and watercress leftover.  I got the idea in my head that they would pair perfectly in a potato soup (which they do!), but I think that I would rather sit on a cactus than sit down to a hot bowl of soup right now, so I decided to serve it chilled.  That last statement might sound a little bit dramatic, but the heat will really bring out the drama queen in you!  If you are reading this right now, while wearing pants and/or a sweatshirt, you are more than welcome to eat it warm and it will taste just as good.  Also, please tell me where you live, because I want to move there.

Chilled Watercress and Potato Soup with Dill-8535

Potato Soup-8528If watercress isn’t your thing, you may want to steer clear of this soup, or maybe just use a little less because it does have a strong watercress flavor, which I happen to love!  I added some extra watercress flavor in by cooking down the stems with the potatoes.

Chilled Watercress and Potato Soup with Dill-8538

To be honest, I wasn’t too thrilled with the color of this soup.  This yellow/green color isn’t the most appetizing color, especially when you are looking at food that is the texture of potato soup, but I’m blaming it mostly on the dark yellowish color of the vegetable broth that I used.  Please don’t let the color turn you off!!  I didn’t expect it to be so dark and it was a little too late by the time I had poured it all in and realized that my soup would now be a strange greenish/yellowish color.  But it still tasted great, and that is really all the matters, right?  Right???

Chilled Watercress and Potato Soup with Dill-8549Chilled Watercress and Potato Soup with Dill-8552

Another reason I decided to serve the soup chilled was because I added in the watercress leaves and dill after the potatoes and stems had cooked up in the broth and I really wanted them to stay vibrant and green and I don’t think they would have stayed so green if I had thrown them into hot soup.  So, once all the potatoes were cooked through, I refrigerated the soup for about 20 minutes, until it was chilled, and then threw in the greens and blended it.  At this point, you could heat it back up, and hopefully the watercress would keep some of its color, but I think it tasted really great served chilled.

Chilled Watercress Potato Soup with Dill-8619Chilled Watercress Potato Soup with Dill-8626

Then, for good measure, I topped it off with some crispy croutons, which were really just gluten free bagels chopped up and toasted in the oven, but they did the trick!  I hope that you like this soup however you choose to enjoy it!

Chilled Watercress Potato Soup with Dill-8678


Chilled Watercress & Potato Soup with Dill {gf+v}

  • Yield: 6
  • Category: Lunch, Soup, Gluten Free, Vegan


  • 4 large russet potatoes, peeled and diced
  • 4 – 6 cups vegetable stock, chicken stock, or water*
  • 1 cup milk, non-dairy or regular, I used flax milk
  • 1/2 yellow onion, diced
  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme
  • 1 bunch watercress, about 4 ounces. Separate leaves from stems as best you can.
  • 4 tablespoons chopped dill
  • 1 bay leaf
  • olive oil
  • salt
  • pepper


  1. Add about 1 teaspoon of olive oil to a large pot and place over medium heat. Add the onion and a pinch of salt and stir for a few minutes. Next add the garlic, dried thyme, potatoes, watercress stems, bay leaf, 1 teaspoon salt, and 1/2 teaspoon pepper. Stir for a few minutes.
  2. Add the broth and milk, bring soup to a boil and then reduce to a simmer. Allow to simmer for about 20 – 25 minutes, or until potatoes are fork tender. Remove from the heat and let cool for a few minutes, once the pot is cooled enough place in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes, or until soup is cool to the touch. Remove the bay leaf.
  3. Add the watercress leaves and dill to the soup and either blend using an immersion blender or in batches in a food processor or blender.
  4. Add more salt if needed and top with croutons, cracked black pepper, watercress leaves and dill sprigs, if desired.


*Use more or less liquid depending on how thick you want your soup. I like my potato soup pretty thick and only added 4 cups.
Adapted from Epicurious

 Chilled Watercress and Potato Soup with Dill-8631

Chilled Watercress and Potato Soup with Dill-8667

Chilled Watercress and Potato Soup with Dill-8672

Chilled Watercress Potato Soup with Dill-8660

Cheeto is tired out from all the heat!

Potato Soup-8920


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  1. says

    I just love the way you incorporate potatoes on so many of your recipes, loved the salad with the potatoes and the corn potato salad…so yummy.

    But watercress, I need to learn about watercress! I pass by it in the grocery store because I am intimidated by it. By I want to eat healthy most of the time (which we do a pretty good job of, mostly because it’s hard to find time to exercise), and if it’s tasty, that makes it easier.

    Love the addition of the dill, you always have such unique flavor combination that sparkle my taste buds! Thanks for sharing. And the color doesn’t bother me, looks almost lime-ish.

    • She Likes Food says

      Hi Laura! I guess I do use potatoes in a lot of my recipes, ha! I just love them so much! Watercress definitely has a very distinctive taste, I’m not sure if most kids would like it or not. It is pretty strong and peppery, but I think it gives a lot of foods a really nice bite. When I was little, we used to live out in the woods in the middle of nowhere, there were a bunch of creeks around our house and watercress grew wild in the creeks. It was so fun to pick it and eat it whenever we wanted to!

      I think it only grows in really wet places and usually when you buy it at the grocery store they grow it hydroponically and the roots are still attached, at least that is the only way I have seen it. You should try it out! I’ve found that it pairs really well with potatoes because they have a much milder taste. I also love dill and will put it in everything when I have a big bunch of it. Unfortunately, I have never had success in getting it to grow in my garden, maybe it is just too hot here.

    • She Likes Food says

      Thanks Gayle! It is really perfect for a summer day when eating hot soup is absolutely the last thing you would ever want to do :)

  2. says

    Wow. 109?? Now that is HOT! Girl, if I were you I would practically be living on ice cream, popsicles, and basically anything frozen. Hoping it cools down a bit for you! And I LOVE chilled soups and yours looks amazing! I’ve always wanted to try watercress!

    • She Likes Food says

      I know!!! So hot! It is hard just to walk from the car to the house sometimes. I’m pretty much eating popsicles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner these days :) Usually we only get a few weeks each summer where it is this hot, so hopefully it cools down to the low 100s soon, haha! I never thought I would be happy to see temps as low as 100 before, but after 109 they don’t seem so hot. I’m just now discovering chilled soups and I love them! You should totally try watercress! It can be a little strong, but goes so well with potatoes.

  3. says

    EW! 109 degrees! Izzy, you must be joking me! I don’t think I’ve been in that warm of weather…ever. Pack up your things and move to San Francisco right away! Its 85 degrees and sunny, with an occasional perfectly light breeze. And will stay like that until…November. Don’t melt away on me!

    I can see why you served this soup cold. Sounds delicious and refreshing!

    • She Likes Food says

      I know! It is so ewww! Unfortunately, this hasn’t been the first time I have been in weather this hot, but it still takes time to get used to. My things are packed and I’m on my way!

  4. says

    Isadora, believe me, you would soon get fed up of the cold rainy weather over here in the UK! This post made me laugh, especially your ‘rather sit on a cactus’ comment! I actually don’t have a problem with the colour of this soup at all. I guess you were just a little disappointed because you had imagined something a bit different. I bet the taste is fabulous. I love watercress!
    Stay cool! :-)

    • She Likes Food says

      Hi Helen! The cold part sounds good, but the rainy part not so much! In July and August we get what they call Monsoon Season and every afternoon it pours rain that is sometimes so heavy that you have to pull over while driving because you can’t see anything! It also causes a lot of flash floods that can be neat to watch, but awful if you get caught in one. I was eating some soup leftovers today and I decided that the color wasn’t too bad, just not quite the color I was picturing in my head when I was planning out the photo shoot. I’m glad you are a fellow watercress lover!! I will try to stay cool :)

    • She Likes Food says

      Me too, Sarah! I was thinking of trying to make gazpacho next! I don’t think you can go wrong with a chilled soup that has Mexican food in it :) Definitely perfect for the hot summer weather! I’m beginning to think I moved to the only place on the planet that gets this hot… I think I need to buy a pool!

  5. says

    109?! and here I am complaining about 75. Sorry. I do hear ya though, the heat will make you crazy. Once we lived along the Texas/Mexico border and it was crazy hot there too. It is a desert, similar to AZ. I would shower 3 times a day just to say cool!
    I love how refreshing this soup looks. I think I can get my husband to get any soup that has potatoes in it. Definitely, need to try this chilled soup.

    • She Likes Food says

      Haha, it’s ok, Cindy! It’s funny because when fall does finally roll around and it hits 75 degrees I’m always complaining that it is too cold and layering on the clothing! Oh wow, I bet it was just as hot there, if not hotter! I have been taking a lot of cold evening showers lately just so I can sleep comfortably, and I have the ceiling fan, plus a stand up fan and the AC going. I hope you and your husband love this chilled soup!

  6. Rosie says

    I love the color, actually! Looks very vibrant and healthy. I’ve never tried cooking with watercress, not sure if I’m brave enough to try this but it does look really yummy.

    • She Likes Food says

      Thanks, Rosie! I think the color is finally starting to grow on me. You should totally experiment with watercress! It is a little bit peppery, and I was a little scared of it at first, but it is so good. Especially with potatoes!

  7. says

    Eek 109??? I thought 90 degrees was bad (which is what we’ve been having here!). I totally support all salads and cold stuff in that kind of weather : ) This soup looks delicious – and perfect for the heat!

    • She Likes Food says

      Thanks Ashley! People always say that once it gets above 100 degrees, it all feels the same, but in my opinion there is a big difference between 100 and 109! 90 degrees sounds like perfect weather right now, haha! I can’t think of anything better to eat in the summertime than cold things, especially popsicles! Lots of popsicles :)

    • She Likes Food says

      I know! And it is making me feel a little crazy! I’ve been eating this soup non-stop and avoiding the outdoors as much as I can :)

  8. says

    Izzy! Oh girl, the only time I’ve ever experienced heat like that is when I’ve travelled and it does NOT agree with me. However, I still want to hop on a plane and come visit!!! It must be so hard on all of the cats and dogs down there… and people! I would just want to constantly nap. Feel free to post cold food for the rest of the summer -that’s all I ever feel like eating anyways over the next few months lol. Hot soup in hot weather… not so much.

    I love watercress! It’s so refreshing and so good for you :) I can never find it where I live, but I think I need to. It looks like a French potage, which I adore and makes me sound sophisticated, which I am not 😉 But that’s what it reminds me of! I don’t mind the colour, actually. I love any shade of green food and I know that this would taste incredible!!!

    Like the crouton idea too. Bagel croutons sound very addictive! I always need a little crunch with my soup.

    “Stay cool!” (even though I’m sure you hate when people say that! lol) xo

    • She Likes Food says

      Al!! I thought I was used to the heat after living in Southern Utah for a few years, but there is just something about 109 that is hard to get used to! If you were to come visit now you would never want to come back, haha. It should be perfect weather by December though! (that seems so far away right now!) I’m sure Murphy would hate the heat, but Cheeto actually really likes it and he still demands that we let him out on the screen porch so he can nap in the sun all day. Crazy cat! Eric and I both went to bed at like 7 last night because we were both so tired out from the heat. You know it is hot when it is already in the 80s on your drive to work at 5:30 in the morning, ha!

      I’m so glad I’m not the only ones who loves watercress! It is so refreshing and adds a nice bite to everything I put it in. I can only find it at this one grocery store I go to and I always buy it because I love how they sell it with the roots still attached. I don’t believe for a second that you are not sophisticated 😉 And, thank you! I think I’ve gotten used to the color after my initial shock. I think it really only bothered me because, in my head, I was picturing how the shots would come out and the soup was a white potato color with green specks of herbs, but se la vie (which I hope makes me sound sophisticated, which I am definitely not either). Bagel croutons are really good and also make for a great snack! I’m going to try to find a pool this weekend to dip myself into, so hopefully I will be staying cool :)

  9. says

    I have never had cold soup or watercress. I am so behind!! Luckily it is not scorching hot here yet, but the humidity is totally out of control! It is hard to breathe outside! My husband asked for roasted sweet potatoes tonight and I said I am absolutely not turning my oven to 400 degrees right now, we will grill instead!

    • She Likes Food says

      I grew up in Arkansas and went to college in North Carolina and I remember those days of humidity well! As much as I love the south and the east, I’m not sure I could ever permanently live there and deal with the humidity again. People joke about it being a “dry heat” out here, but it really makes the heat not feel so bad! I don’t blame you for not wanting to turn the oven on! I made the mistake of making baked french fries last night and it go so warm in the house. You should totally try cold soup and watercress!

  10. says

    I am a big fan of watercrest so this really appeals to me. I wish there were more recipes featuring it but it’s not always readily available in stores so maybe that explains it. It has turned hot here quickly also…almost makes you forget the piles and piles of snow we had.

    • She Likes Food says

      Hi Monica! I’m so glad you love watercress too! I used to eat it a lot as a kid, but have only recently started using it again because my favorite grocery store seems to always have it these days. But unfortunately it isn’t like that at every grocery store. I try to use it as much as I can though! I haven’t seen snow in about 1 year and I really miss it. The winter weather is really nice here in Arizona, but the summer, not so much! Thanks for stopping by!

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