20 Minute Cherry Tomato Penne Pasta

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20 Minute Cherry Tomato Penne Pasta!  This pasta is so quick, easy and delicious!  Chunky cherry tomato sauce made from scratch on top of penne pasta!  {gluten free, vegan}

Last year I tried to grow my own cherry tomatoes and it was pretty pathetic.  I think I got about 15 total for the entire ssummer and of course they didn’t all come at the same time.  I don’t even think I ever had enough at one time to make a decent salad with them.  Mostly, I just ate them by themselves right off the plant before the sun turned them into sun-dried tomatoes!

I will take some of the blame for my failed cherry tomato crop, but I’m also putting the other part of the blame on the hot desert sun that beat down on them everyday.  I’ve been to the farmer’s market many times, so I know that some Arizona residents are getting crazy good loot from their gardens.  But, sadly I am not one of those people.

20 Minute Cherry Tomato Penne Pasta Collage

I dreamed of growing enough cherry tomatoes so I could make a dish just like this and be so proud that I had grown the ingredients myself, but alas, I had to settle on delicious cherry tomatoes that someone else grew.  I might not have grown these tomatoes myself, but I did get to eat this penne all by myself and it was so good!  And, it only took me 20 minutes to put this dish together which made it extra good!

20 Minute Cherry Tomato Penne Pasta 1

I’ve recently noticed that not all of my recipes are quick and easy (I guess I get a little carried away sometimes?) but this 20 minute cherry tomato penne pasta is quick, easy and perfect for summer!


20 Minute Cherry Tomato Penne Pasta

  • Yield: 2
  • Category: Entree, Gluten Free, Vegan


  • 4 ounces dry penne pasta, I used gluten free brown rice penne
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil
  • 1/2 yellow onion, diced
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 pint cherry tomatoes, cut in half
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 pinch red pepper flakes
  • 3/4 teaspoon dried oregano
  • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh Italian parsley


  1. Cook the pasta according to package directions.
  2. While pasta is cooking heat a large skillet over medium heat. Add the olive oil, onion, and a pinch of salt. Cook onions for about 3 minutes until softened. Next, add the garlic, cherry tomatoes, 1/2 teaspoon salt, red pepper and oregano. Cook mixture until tomatoes are softened and beginning to break down, about 12 minutes. Turn the heat off and stir in the fresh parsley.
  3. Drain the pasta and top with cherry tomato sauce.


Recipe makes 2 servings, double recipe if more is desired


20 Minute Cherry Tomato Penne Pasta-2380


20 Minute Cherry Tomato Penne Pasta 2

20 Minute Cherry Tomato Penne Pasta-2388

20 Minute Cherry Tomato Penne Pasta Collage

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    • She Likes Food says

      Thank you, Gayle! I haven’t felt like cooking at all lately, so I’ve been eating this pasta quite a bit lately, haha!

  1. says

    Awh, there’s always next year to try and grow tomatoes! It took me three years to grow Thai basil… so keep trying! Pasta makes such a quick and easy meal and cherry tomatoes are finally making an appearance at our farmer’s markets. Hooray! This sounds delicious, Izzy!

    • She Likes Food says

      I think I will give it a go next year! I would love to grow some basil too! I’m glad you finally got your Thai basil crop going! That must be exciting and delicious :)

    • She Likes Food says

      so jealous!!! That is it, I’m moving in with you and eating all your vegetables, haha! You should totally make this, Sarah!

  2. says

    Cherry tomatoes can do no wrong in my eyes — they’re my favorite! I absolutely love the sound of this sauce, and it’s too quick not to make! Definitely trying this, Izzy. :)

  3. says

    I’m having 50/50 luck with cherry tomatoes this year – I’m growing black ones that have just gone mad – I can’t believe how many there are on one plant. I’m also growing sweet 100s and they haven’t done much at all – so go figure. Love a quick 20 minute sauce so definitely trying this one soon, Izzy!

    • She Likes Food says

      Ohhhh, black ones! Those sounds so neat! I’ve tried the sweet 200s before and they are so good! Too bad you aren’t getting more!

    • She Likes Food says

      How nice to get them from your dad! I guess I just need to make friends with someone who can grow them, haha :)

  4. says

    These pictures are just so pretty, Izzy! I love the mix of colors. And of course the sauce sounds incredible.

    I’ve had a fair amount of luck with my tomato plant so far but it’s much easier when the climate is as mild as it is here. It’s a gardeners dream!

    • She Likes Food says

      Thank you so much, Sarah! I’m hoping someday that we move to a place where I can grown things without killing everything! I have had the worst luck in Arizona!

  5. says

    This is SUCH a gorgeous dish! We have one tomato plant that I planted in our flower bed, and I didn’t realize how big they get because I’ve never actually had one before. It is absolutely massive and is taking over everything! Lol. I think it has grown right over my peppers and melons. We can be more strategic about our garden planning next year! Lol

    • She Likes Food says

      Thank you, Ashley!! Mine never got big at all, haha! One year I planted 3 jalapeno plants and like ten came up and each grew so many jalapenos and I don’t even eat jalapenos very much!

  6. says

    I’ve been on a huge 20/30-minute meal kick lately, too! I haven’t grown tomatoes in years, but growing up we seemed to always have a prosperous few plants. If only I could have some of that luck now! What a pretty pasta dish – and I just know it’s delicious!

    • She Likes Food says

      Me too, Alyssa! I don’t want to cook at all lately! I feel like I used to be able to grown so many things well and now nothing, haha!

  7. says

    I am Right There With You on the growing of cherry tomatoes – the only thing I can reliably grow is herbs (need any basil??)…but thankfully our local farm market is overflowing with them, so I can make this cheery looking pasta!

    • She Likes Food says

      I would love some basil!! It is so expensive to buy at the store and they don’t give you much! Farmer market tomatoes are almost just as good as home grown :)

  8. says

    Oh Izzy! That’s just like the time I tried to grow some cherry tomatoes on my balcony when I was living in Greece. They were tiny and with really tough skins … and like you I only got a few. I was very disappointed!
    I absolutely love cherry tomatoes though and buy them all the time to cook with. This kind of simple pasta is just my thing! It’s perfect for a quick meal, and especially this time of year. :-)

    • She Likes Food says

      haha, oh no! That doesn’t sound fun! I love them so much too so I always find myself buying them. I wish they were cheaper because I can’t stay away!

  9. wendi denman says

    Your picture and recipes look great. I was wondering if you have a recipe for pasta ala vodka. Cannot find a decent recipe.


    • She Likes Food says

      Thanks so much, Wendi! Unfortunately, I don’t have a recipe for pasta ala vodka yet. It sounds really good though so I will put it on my list of recipes to experiment with!

  10. Meagan says

    This recipe was great! My tomatoes definitely took a lot longer to cook then 12 minutes but that might have been because I didn’t realize they were to be cut in half at first. But it was delicious, simple, and healthy. Love that it’s vegan, and it made my apartment smell great.


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