Healthy Vegetarian Meal Plan – Week Twenty Four

Healthy Vegetarian Meal Plans- weekly recipes with prep ahead tips, vegan/GF substitutions, and a color-coded shopping list!

 I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas!  I’m not sure if it’s all the attention on the baby this year or the fact that it’s been 70 degrees here lately but it really doesn’t feel like the holiday season to me.  Yes, you read that right, 70 degrees!  I promise I’m not bragging about it either, I would much prefer it to be at least jacket weather this time of year, but I guess I’m glad I’m not braving -20 degree weather.  I guess you just can’t win sometimes!

I hope you all are doing well and staying warm and enjoying the holiday season!  We won’t be doing a meal plan the week of Christmas but we will be back in the New Year with a bunch of healthy recipes for you!Continue Reading

Sweet Chili Roasted Brussels Sprouts

These Sweet Chili Roasted Brussels Sprouts are the perfect way to mix up your traditional brussels sprouts!  They're the perfect side dish!  Vegan and gluten free

It’s brussels sprout time!!  Are you as excited as I am about this recipe?  I feel like most people I know say they used to hate them, discovered them roasted and now love them.  Raise your hand if you fall into that camp!  My husband even now requests them on a regular basis so I’m convinced anyone can fall in love with them.
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Healthy Vegetarian Meal Plan – Week Twenty Three

Healthy Vegetarian Meal Plans- weekly recipes with prep ahead tips, vegan/GF substitutions, and a color-coded shopping list!

 Happy weekend!  My husband has been on furlough for the past month and it’s been so nice!  Eli usually wakes up between 6am and 7am and Eric has been taking him out to the living room and letting me get some extra sleep.  I’m really not looking forward to him going back to work!

I plan on taking advantage of every extra minute of sleep this weekend.  I’m also hoping to get out and do something fun.  I feel like I’m always working on the blog and Eric has been doing a ton of work around the house, so I think we both could use a free weekend to go out and enjoy the beautiful weather.  I hope you all have wonderful weekends as well :)Continue Reading

The Best Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls {Vegan}

The Best Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls!  They're easy to make, light and fluffy and so delicious!  Perfect for a family breakfast!  Vegan too!

 This post is sponsored by Bob’s Red Mill.  Thank you so much for supporting the brands that support me!

You guys, I’m really proud of this recipe!  I mean, I like all the recipes I share with you, but perfecting the gluten free cinnamon roll has been a project of mine for a while now.  When I started this blog (almost exactly 3 years ago!) I was not a baker at all.  I baked a little bit before I started eating gluten free, but once I went gluten free all the baking went out the window.Continue Reading

Asian Kale Power Salad

This Asian Kale Power Salad is packed with protein, flavor and crunch to keep you feeling full all afteroon!  Perfect for lunch!  Gluten free and vegan too!

Hi Friends!  As I see my Pinterest and Facebook feeds overloaded with cookies, pies and cakes, it makes me want to run and bury my face in a big bowl of salad!  Don’t get me wrong, I do love my sweets, but I can only take so much before I need to get back to my savory favorites.  Like salad.  And, this isn’t just your average salad, it’s a flavorful and filling Asian Kale Power Salad that is great to make a batch of and eat for lunch all week long.  It’s one of those dishes that just keeps getting better and better as it sits.Continue Reading

Healthy Vegetarian Meal Plan – Week Twenty Two

Healthy Vegetarian Meal Plans- weekly recipes with prep ahead tips, vegan/GF substitutions, and a color-coded shopping list!

 It’s December!  I guess the official start of winter isn’t until the 21st, but I feel like once we hit December it means winter.  It’s funny though because I feel like here in the desert it is finally looking like fall.  We don’t have many trees that actually turn color, but the ones that do are all yellow and orange right now and I’m loving it.  

While I still love my salads, these days I’m eating heartier salads and lots of warm soups.  I’ve also been watching way too much Real Housewives lately while cuddling on the couch with the baby, cat and husband.  While I’ve been feeling pretty lazy I’m definitely not complaining!   I hope everyone’s December is getting off to a great start and that you are staying warming and eating good food :)
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Easy Falafel Soup with Tamari Croutons & Tahini

This delicious soup tastes exactly like falafels and is sure to warm you up this winter!  It’s perfect for a comforting weeknight dinner!

This EASY Falafel Soup with Tamari Croutons & Tahini comes together in only 30 minutes and is perfect for a warm weeknight dinner!  Tastes just like falafel!  Gluten free and vegan too!

Well, I guess it’s December now!  While it’s definitely getting colder (it’s supposed to freeze tonight) it’s hard for me to think of it as being winter now, but I guess it is.  I have finally broken out the warm socks and puffy vests though, and the heat has been blasting in the house.  Today also happens to be the first Thursday of the month, which means 30-Minute Thursday!!  Make sure to check out all the other delicious 30 minute dinner recipes at the bottom of this post :)Continue Reading

A Holiday Gift Guide For Your Favorite Foodie


Whether you like it or not, the holiday season is upon us, which also means the gift giving season.  While we all know how fun it is to receive gifts, it can sometimes be a little stressful to buy gifts for others.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked my husband what he wants for Christmas and he’s replied, “I don’t know, you know what I like”.  Sometimes it makes me want to pull my hair out, but I’m guilty of giving him the same answer :)

I’ve put together this Holiday Gift Guide For  Your Favorite Foodie in hopes of making holiday shopping much easier for some of you!  This guide is great if you know someone who loves food and you want to get them something really cute and fun this year.  Or, if you yourself love food and you want to slyly pass this along to someone who might be shopping for you!  Also, it’s great to support small businesses!
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