Baked Sweet Potato Fries with Curry Cilanto Mayo {gf +v}

Sweet Potato Fries--9

I’ve been obsessing over curry since I made my curry chicken salad sandwiches a few weeks ago (vegan option in recipe notes).  So, rather than mix some curry into a little bit of mayo and eat it with a spoon  my finger (I might have done a little of that…), I decided to make some baked sweet potato fries to go with it.  Because, really, can you think of a better vehicle to carry this heavenly sauce to your mouth?Continue Reading

Bacon & Tomato Jam Grilled Cheese with Avocado


Did you know that it is National Grilled Cheese month?!  This might just be more exciting than my birthday month!  Grilled cheese has been a staple in my diet since I had teeth big enough to take a bite.  With the help of french fries and chocolate milk it got me through my picky childhood days and it really came through for me in my college days when I was less than enthusiastic about the cafeteria food, i.e veggie moussaka and fried calamari.

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Watercress Pesto Pasta with Peas

watercress pesto-6125I was so excited to have my first garden in I don’t know how long.  I planted dill, basil, lettuce, and three varieties of tomatoes.  I checked on my little garden a few times day to see if anything was coming up.  My new motto: a watched garden never spouts.  Finally, about a week after I planted the seeds, little green leaves started to poke through the soil.  If you garden, you know how exciting that first sighting can be.  That is one of the reasons I love planting from seed so much, it feels like each little sprout is my baby and I get to watch them grow up!  And then I eat them, on second thought, maybe I should choose a different analogy…Continue Reading

Homemade Cool Ranch Doritos {vegan, gluten free}


I really, really love chips.  In fact, that might be an understatement, the truth is that I’m a chip fanatic and I can’t be trusted in a room alone with a bag of chips.  I actually think it has crossed over into the realm of chip addiction.  Whether they are veggie chips, potato chips, or plain old corn chips, as long as they are crunchy and salty I will devour them, so you better get our own bag.  I can’t count the number of times my husband has said to me, “Are all the chips really gone?  Didn’t we just buy that bag yesterday?”.  Opps!Continue Reading

Spring Quinoa Salad


If you live where it is below 60 degrees right now or if when you look out your window you see snow, you may want to avert your eyes for the next few minutes.  Because, yes, I am going to talk about spring again, and I might just show a photo or two…  Sorry!  I know that it isn’t quite spring everywhere, but don’t worry, you will get there soon!  And, if you shaking your head and doubting that you will get there soon, maybe you should just move to Arizona, because (not to rub it in) we are enjoying some perfect weather here right now.Continue Reading

Beet Chips with Thyme & Balsamic Goat Cheese Dip

Chicken Salad Sandwich (1 of 1)sdfds

I haven’t always loved beets.  I’m starting to realize that when it comes to vegetables, that is a common theme.  Hated them as a kid, cautiously tried them once I got older and now I love them.  Thank goodness that happens, or else this blog would be called, She Likes Grilled Cheese.  However, I do still love a good grilled cheese sandwich and I got a brand new panini maker for Christmas, (thanks Dad and Kathy!) so hopefully more on that in the near future!  But, today we are here to talk about beets.  If you don’t care for beets, but you are anything like me, you can be tricked into eating any vegetable as long as it comes in chip form.Continue Reading

Curry Chicken Salad Sandwiches

Chicken Salad Sandwich (2 of 2)

For Christmas last year we made an entire, huge turkey for just four people.  We could have gotten a smaller turkey, or even just gone with a turkey breast, but we had delicious plans for our turkey leftovers.  The next day I made a huge batch of curry turkey salad. We ate if for lunch and then we ate it for dinner and then we ate it for lunch the next day and the next day and the next day.

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