Vegan “Tuna” Pasta Salad


A veganized version of my favorite Tuna Pasta Salad!  A delicious 30 minute dinner!

Vegan Tuna Pasta Salad - A veganized version of a delicious tuna pasta salad.  Great for a 30 minute dinner or a make ahead lunch.  Vegan/Vegetarian/30 Minute Dinner

You know how some families have favorite recipes that have been passed down from generations?  Well, in our family we have this amazing salsa from my dad and tuna pasta salad from my mom.  I feel like that might sound kinda strange, but her tuna pasta salad is the best!Continue Reading

Avocado Pesto Quesadillas

This avocado pesto takes these quesadillas to the next level and makes them a delicious quick and easy dinner!

Avocado Pesto Quesadillas - These delicious quesadillas are full of flavor and make for a great quick and easy vegetarian dinner recipe!  30 Minute Dinner/Gluten Free/Vegetarian/Easy Dinner

Just like that it’s July and it’s almost my baby’s first birthday!  I’m so not ready, but I guess it has to happen sooner or later, but later would be nice :)  It also happens to be the first Thursday of the month with means 30 Minute Thursday!  Make sure to check out the other delicious 30 minute dinner recipes from some awesome bloggers at the bottom of the post!
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Healthy Vegetarian Meal Plan – Week 51

 And just like that, it’s July!  Despite the record high temperatures we had in June it was actually a pretty good month!  I’ve been feeling much more productive lately and my little one started walking.  It’s a little sad because it means he’s growing up, but also nice that I don’t have to carry him around quite as much anymore!

I hope you all have a great weekend and a safe and happy 4th of July!  I’ll probably be locked inside the AC praying that Eli doesn’t get woken up by the late night fireworks and feeling bad for Cheeto who will most definitely be hiding under the bed all night :)Continue Reading

10 Minute Curried Chickpea Tofu Lettuce Wraps

These lettuce wraps come together in only 10 minutes for a healthy and delicious no cook meal!

10 Minute Curried Chickpea Tofu Lettuce Wraps - These healthy and delicious lettuce wraps are perfect for a quick and easy no cook meal! Enjoy them for lunch or dinner!  Vegan/Gluten Free


 I made a big batch of these Curried Chickpea Tofu Lettuce Wraps last week and I couldn’t stop eating them!  I’m pretty sure there was a day or two where I ate them for every meal.  They’re quick, easy, healthy and don’t require any actually cooking at all!Continue Reading

Crispy Potato Tacos

A simple and easy weeknight dinner that’s also really flavorful and delicious!

Crispy Potato Tacos1-6042

I hope you all had a great weekend!  It’s been way too hot here lately but thankfully my in-laws are visiting this week and staying somewhere with a pool.  So, that’s where I’ll be for the next 7 days!

These Crispy Potato Tacos are based on a one of the first recipes I ever posted here.  I’m a little embarrassed to share the link, but it’s also fun to see how my photography has evolved in the past 3 years!

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Healthy Vegetarian Meal Plan – Week Thirty Four

 Happy March!  Growing up in the South March was always a really cold month with tons of snow and ice.  Now that I live in the Southwest I get to enjoy warm, perfect weather this time of year.  It’s definitely feeling like spring around here lately and I’m really enjoying being out side.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy the delicious recipes we have for you this week!Continue Reading

Healthy Vegetarian Meal Plan – Week 27

Healthy Vegetarian Meal Plans- easy and flavorful meals for every night of the week! Prep ahead tips + vegan and gluten-free substitutions!

 Does anyone else feel like these weeks are just flying by these days?  I’m pretty excited it’s the weekend already though.  My little one has finally deemed the baby carrier acceptable and now we can go on longer more exciting hikes, rather than the two stroller friendly hikes we were doing.  It feels so freeing and I’m so happy that our dude likes to hike just as much as we do!

It’s supposed to rain a little bit this weekend, but I’m hoping we can get out and enjoy the cooler temps!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the recipes we have for you this week!  As always, there are some very delicious choices :)

If you’re new to these Healthy Vegetarian Meal Plans, you can find all of the older posts here.
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