Healthy Vegetarian Meal Plan – Week Thirty Four

 Happy March!  Growing up in the South March was always a really cold month with tons of snow and ice.  Now that I live in the Southwest I get to enjoy warm, perfect weather this time of year.  It’s definitely feeling like spring around here lately and I’m really enjoying being out side.


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Easy Stove Top Enchiladas with Cauliflower Rice

These healthy stove top enchiladas are a perfect quick and easy weeknight vegetarian dinner!

Easy Stove Top Enchiladas with Cauliflower Rice - This delicious vegetarian dinner recipe is packed with vegetables making it a really healthy option that everyone will love!  Comes together in no time for a quick and easy weeknight dinner!  Vegan and gluten free!

So, technically these are more like a chopped enchilada than a real enchilada.  There’s no folding involved (which is why I love these!), but these Stove Top Enchiladas with Cauliflower Rice have exactly the same ingredients as I would put in my regular baked enchiladas, and exactly the same taste.  Except, they’re 1000 times easier and you only need about 30 minutes.
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Healthy Taco Chickpea Lettuce Wraps

Healthy Taco Chickpea Lettuce Wraps1-8645

Happy February!  I’m going to stop exclaiming that I can’t believe another month has gone by and I’m just going to accept the fact that life is moving wayyyy too fast.  And it seemed to get about 10 times faster since I had a baby.  So, here we are, it’s the 2nd of February and it’s time for 30Minute Thursday!  But I’m feeling extra nice this month and I’m gonna do you one better than a 30 minute meal, these Healthy Taco Chickpea Lettuce Wraps only take about 15 minutes to make!Continue Reading

Healthy Vegetarian Meal Plan – Week 27

Healthy Vegetarian Meal Plans- easy and flavorful meals for every night of the week! Prep ahead tips + vegan and gluten-free substitutions!

 Does anyone else feel like these weeks are just flying by these days?  I’m pretty excited it’s the weekend already though.  My little one has finally deemed the baby carrier acceptable and now we can go on longer more exciting hikes, rather than the two stroller friendly hikes we were doing.  It feels so freeing and I’m so happy that our dude likes to hike just as much as we do!

It’s supposed to rain a little bit this weekend, but I’m hoping we can get out and enjoy the cooler temps!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the recipes we have for you this week!  As always, there are some very delicious choices :)

If you’re new to these Healthy Vegetarian Meal Plans, you can find all of the older posts here.
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Spaghetti Squash Pizza Bake with Quinoa & White Beans

This protein packed vegetarian pizza bake is perfect for a weeknight dinner or to use as the main dish for a vegetarian holiday feast!

This Spaghetti Squash Pizza Bake with Quinoa & White Beans is packed with protein and delicious flavor!  Great for a weeknight dinner or a holiday main course!  Gluten free and vegan too!

Happy Thanksgiving week, friends!  I feel like Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that is just so cozy.  For us, it usually consists of eating too much while hanging out with wonderful friends.  We usually do a very traditional Thanksgiving dinner in our house because my husband is pretty obsessed with all things Thanksgiving.  But, if it were completely up to me, I would be 100% OK with going less traditional and having a delicious dinner like this Spaghetti Squash Pizza Bake with Quinoa and White Beans.
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30-Minute Gnocchi Enchilada Skillet

                This delicious Gnocchi Enchilada Skillet comes together in only 30 minutes and is great for a hearty weeknight vegetarian dinner!

This Gnocchi Enchilada Skillet comes together in only 30 minutes and required just one pan!  It's a great weeknight dinner with tons of flavor! Gluten free and vegan too!

This post is sponsored by USA Pulses & Pulse Canada, but all opinions are my own. 

My friends, this is one of my new favorite dinners!  I recently discovered that the grocery store sells gluten free gnocchi and I’ve been much happier ever since.  If you aren’t familiar with gnocchi, it’s a pasta that is made with potatoes and flour.  It has an amazing pillow-y texture and is one of my favorite types of pastas.

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Roasted Butternut Squash and Black Bean Tacos

These Roasted Butternut Squash Tacos are a great seasonal spin on your traditional taco.  They’re great for an easy weeknight dinner!


 In full disclosure I had to look back through my posts to see if I already had this recipe in the archives because this is the kind of meal I eat about once a week.  I usually use sweet potato, but I also love butternut squash and it’s perfectly in season right now and it’s just as delicious in these tacos!Continue Reading

Healthy Vegetarian Meal Plan – Week Eighteen

Healthy Vegetarian Meal Plans- weekly recipes with prep ahead tips, vegan/GF substitutions, and a color-coded shopping list!


You guys, it was cold and rainy last night and it was glorious!  Like sweatshirt and pants weather kind of cold.  I keep telling myself that someday I’ll live somewhere where I don’t have to wait until November for some cool weather, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon.  Now that Halloween is over we can focus on the best fall holiday: Thanksgiving!  Continue Reading

Healthy Vegetarian Meal Plan – Week Nine

Healthy Vegetarian Meal Plans

It’s September!  Season changes are always a funny time for me and this blog because the weather is so different all across the country.  While some people are probable enjoying some nice crisp weather already, we are still sweating here in this 100 degree weather.  It has started to cool off in the morning so I know that true fall weather is on its way soon.

I hope you all are enjoying this Healthy Vegetarian Meal Plan series and I would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions or requests from us!  Happy Saturday and have a wonderful weekend!
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